Thursday, July 29, 2010

Plant of the Day: Lilium michauxii

Lilium michauxii, the Carolina lily, is named for the French Botanist Andre Michaux, who studied plants in the southeastern US. Its beauty among dry woods is rare, and one of the traits that make this such as special plant in our collections. The state wildflower of North Carolina, this lovely creature is native to the coastal plains as far north as Virginia and south to Florida, reaching as far west as Louisiana.

The filaments with brown anthers protrude from reddish to yellow-orange reflexed petals spotted with brown specs. The flowers bloom in July and August, but sometimes all the way through October. These photos were taken today in the Kaul Wildflower Garden here at The Gardens. If you want to see for yourself, grab your camera, a bottle of water, and hike up to the Kaul Wildflower Garden (we'll be happy to show you the way if you need help)!

-Katie King, Summer Intern



  1. Thanks, Katie, I'll be sure to bring my camera when we're there tomorrow!

  2. Ms. King, you make it sound so enticing :) Great job!