Thursday, July 22, 2010

Plant of the Day: Hibiscus coccineus

Kaul Wildflower Garden Curator, John Manion, found this
Hibiscus coccineus in the Bog Garden here at The Gardens.
As you can see, it's flower is quite large! More pictures below!

Hibiscus coccineus, is called swamp hibiscus, scarlet rosemallow, scarlet hibiscus, or Texas star; native to extreme southern US, including a few counties in AL. Must have wet soil and sun for good flowering like in this location in the Bog Garden at BBG; in my garden I have to mark its location because it is so late emerging (28 Apr this year).

Allan Armitage (Herbaceous Perennial Plants) writes: "The leaves are palmately lobed and look like those of Japanese maple or marijuana, whichever you happen to be most familiar with." Really an eyepopper when 5' tall and in flower, almost a see-through plant when not.

-Fred Spicer, Executive Director

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