Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gardening Tips for May

Here are some good tips for gardening in Alabama during the month of May. We update these regularly each month, so stay tuned for more in the Gardening Tips series!

Tips courtesy of Alabama Cooperative Extension System; for more information, see

Fruits and Nuts
  • Continue spray program.
  • Keep grass from around trees and strawberries.
  • Peaches and apples can still be budded.
  • Newly planted shrubs need extra care now and in coming weeks.
  • Don’t spray with oil emulsions when temperature is above 85 °F.
  • Now is the best time to start lawns from seed.
  • Water new lawns as needed to prevent drying.
  • Keep established lawns actively growing by watering fertilizing and mowing.
  • Spray weeds in lawns with proper herbicide.
  • Spray or dust for insects and diseases.
  • Fertilize monthly with complete fertilizer or rose special.
  • Container-grown plants in flower may be planted.
  • Prune climbing roses after the first big flush offlowering.
Annuals and Perennials
  • Late plantings of bedding plants still have time to produce.
  • Watch for insects on day lilies.
  • Summer bulbs started in containers may still be planted.
  • Do not remove foliage from spring flowering bulbs.
  • Do not let seedheads form on tulips and other spring flowering bulbs.
  • Mulch new shrub plantings if not already done.
  • Avoid drying out new shrub, tree and lawn plantings.
Vegetable Seeds
  • Plant heat-loving and tender vegetables.
  • Start cauliflower, brussels sprouts and celery in coldframe for fall garden.
Vegetable Plants
  • Plant tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and sweet potatoes.