Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Speaking of Volunteers...

Yesterday, I mentioned the hundreds of talented and knowledgeable volunteers who will be working at the Spring Plant Sale (April 15-17). These wonderful folks have been working tirelessly, growing many of our plants from seeds.
Enter Exhibit A. I was sent this photo this morning from one our loyal volunteers. The people in this photograph have been growing hundreds of tomatoes, heirlooms and hybrids, big and small, for the last several weeks in our greenhouses. Meanwhile, students at Ingram State Technical College in Deatsville, AL have been growing about 3,000 vegetables at their facilities.

Exhibit B. This photo is from a few weeks ago when the volunteers first started sowing their seeds (which they ordered from Totally Tomatoes, if you want to give it a whirl).

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  1. Volunteering with the herb society was one of the most rewarding group I have every been involved with. Since moving to Asheville 9yrs ago, I have missed working with you guys so much.