Friday, May 14, 2010

Giving Back: North Roebuck Needs Your Help

North Roebuck Elementary School has been planning and fundraising for an outdoor classroom for more than eight years now. The green learning space has been a dream of Principal Irene O’Neil (and a committee of teachers, as well) for years, and that dream is soon to become a reality. Naturescapes, Inc. recently began construction on the courtyard that will soon be a thriving natural setting for the 500-plus students and their teachers to take their work outdoors to learn about plants and nature, to do art in a beautiful environment and to simply get outdoors, a foreign concept to many of them.

When Alice Morgan, a 5th grade teacher at North Roebuck, contacted me to see if there was any way to help, I immediately got excited about getting involved. While Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens cannot directly be involved with the project (we’re a very small nonprofit already spread thin), I knew we had the contacts and coordinating power needed to help push this project over the proverbial hump.

The committee needs help with planting once the hardscape is finished up (any week now). They also need a few more plants from the original design. If you are interested in volunteering to help North Roebuck realize their vision of an outdoor classroom, contact Michael Hansen, PR coordinator, at or 205.414.3960. Additionally, if you or someone you know own a nursery and would like to donate to any of the plants (listed below) needed to finish the project, please let us know. I'll be sure to give you the recognition you deserve for getting involved in your community!

Here are the remaining plants needed:
20 Miscanthus
4 Gold Mop Chamaecyparis
16 Radican Gardenia
35 Variegated Liriope
6 Encore Azalea (Coral)
12 Oakleaf Hydrangea
121 Lamb’s Ear
9 Rosemary
4 Corkscrew Rush
40 Black Mondograss
1 Italian Cypress
1 Mugo Pine
10 Autumn Amethyst Azalea
17 Blackeyed Susan
83 Bath’s Pink Dianthus
2 Pink Delight Butterfly Bush
2 Dark Knight Butterfly Bush
4 Passionflower Vine

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