Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Gardens as Narnia, Bonita Whitehead

One of the great things about working at a great public garden is the stories you get to hear. These stories vary: couples who wed in the Hill Garden, gardeners who poured their heart out digging in the dirt or children who came here on Discovery Field Trips to learn about plants. This past week we got to hear a story from Bonita Whitehead, who came here with her son during the recent "snow storm." I asked Bonita about her trip and to tell me the story of her connection to The Gardens. Here's what she had to say:
I moved across the street from Birmingham Botanical Gardens in 2006 with my two teenage boys and our dachshund, Copper (who is really Garfield in disguise). I love to watch the Gardens “spring” and “fall” every year (summer is just not my season as I don’t do muggy very well). There always seems to be a new niche or path to discover. It’s a great place for early morning or evening walks and since we live so close, we can sit outside and catch the fun music from the events.

We have always enjoyed venturing into The Gardens, but Friday’s snow was extra incredible. Last year we didn’t get there until after the meltdown started but caught it just right this time. As soon as we hit the gates, we thought we had just stepped through the wardrobe into the Chronicles of Narnia. I kept telling my son that I was expecting Aslan and other talking creatures to show up any minute. The geese don’t count. I am not a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination and give great kudos to my little Canon Powershot. Our favorite part was discovering that Narnia has a Japanese version too – complete with snowy bonsai trees!

P.S.  My son kept tasting bits of snow from every type of bush, tree and rock and making funny comments on how they all tasted different…bonsai snow, bamboo snow, red bridge snow, etc.  Funny kid!

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