Monday, June 8, 2009

Staff Retreat

The staff of Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens closed the office for the annual staff retreat on Friday, May 29. On our way to our destination, we stopped at a dive called Twix & Tween in Centreville, AL and enjoyed catfish, fried pickles, onion rings and their famous icebox pies. We then went to Perry Lake, an oxbow lake of the Cahaba River, a characteristically “Southern” swamp with bald-cypress and tupelo trees covered in Spanish moss and supporting clusters of the shrub Itea, still blooming, at their bases.

We owe a special thanks to the Cahaba River Society's Randy Haddock for giving us the tour and allowing us to explore the unique and beautiful swamp right off the Cahaba, at no cost to The Gardens.

Below are a few pictures of the fun 'field day.'

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